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Digital Lizard is excited to announce an innovative product line that will add a fresh dimension to your printed products. Since we started Digital Lizard customers have asked the same question, "How thick can you print?" We have continuously pushed the envelope staying out in front of the competition, working with our paper vendors to find new materials. Well we just hit this one out of the park.

Please note, Komodo products take an additional production day to produce

Our Komodo line gives you the ability to create business cards, postcards, and invites ranging in thickness from 32pt to 64pt. How thick is 64pt? That is the same thickness as putting together two credit cards. And not only is the product thick it is rigid.

Left to Right: 20 cards per stack: 60pt - 46pt - 32pt - 100# Matte Cover (standard business card)

Using a new technology and over 6000 lbs of pressure, Digital Lizard is able to fuse together multiple sheets of paper to create a printed product unlike anything you have ever seen or felt. This fusing process creates a single piece of material. It also allows the use of different color cores giving you even more creative choices. Komodo gives you the choice of standard white, red or black cores, creating an even bigger impact.

As an industry leader, Digital Lizard is always looking for new solutions and products that will create a lasting impression.